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48 days to the work you love is the subheading of Dream Job by Dan Miller. Does the author actually deliver on his promises? Well, it is really up to the reader to determine the final outcome. Of course, the reader may not know how to attain such a result which is why help is sought. Those hoping for such quality guidance will venture towards Dream Job by Dan Miller. Does Miller provide a solid work that helps the reader achieve insight into actionable steps to land a much desired job?

Yes, this CD (or MP3) series does have a lot of fantastic tips on procuring a great job through an insightful step by step process that injects some much needed common sense into the equation. If you want to succeed with landing a new job, Dan Miller shows you some of the things you need to do to attain the desired outcome.

In some ways, the value of this 6 CD set would be its ability to point out the things you need to avoid doing in order to boost your success potential. You cannot attain improvements if you are locked into a horrible job and Dan Miller helps you recognize when you are. Also, he points out the many needed steps required to avoid embodying a negative mindset that will undermine your potential to attain desired results.

And then there is the little matter of the job search. Do you think you know all you need to know about writing a resume and looking (and sounding) good during a job interview? Guess again! Dream Job by Dan Miller covers the job search process from angles you might not have seen or heard elsewhere. Consider the info present in this CD series to be among the most innovative and helpful components needed to yield results. Really, this component to the series is stunning to listen to which is why it remains so highly recommended.

This series also covers tips on how to deal with unwanted or unexpected layoffs or ruts. No one likes to be in financially compromised positions and finding a new job would help reverse such problems. Finding the perfect job would be an even greater bonus. The Dream Job CD series tells you how you can go about attaining such goals. No one likes to deal with adversity. This work will help you overcome such problems and get a new lease on life.

One reason the CD series is so effective is that it is properly organized and structured. This is not a random collection of thoughts. It is a coherent presentation of excellent material designed to boost the odds of attaining a desired result.

This is not a generic “how to find a job” audio book. Dan Miller uses his vast experience to craft and excellent resource guide that provides the much needed insight to succeed. You can increase the odds of finding a new job – a dream job – in 48 days if you listen to the words this series presents.

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