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Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as one of the best and most attractive soccer players all over the world. The Portuguese man is always  the center of media and cheered up by millions of fans. Besides, he makes great achievements in modeling field such as becoming a fashion icon and signing advertisement contract with some famous underwear brands thanks to his perfect body and handsome face. One of the most important factors that create his fame is unique hairstyles. Sometimes, he keeps his hair short and curly and sometimes he has layered cut.


Let\’s take a look at Ronaldo’s hairstyles in recent years and know why more and more boys want to follow them.


Cristiano Ronaldo apprears with his trendy fauxhawk-mullet hairstyle. The hairstyle features a small but significant peak taken in the middle

The cool fohawk is also very suitable to him. This style used to be chosen by British football player David Beckham

Ronaldo has naturally curled hair, so he often uses gel to make it iron and straight

Cristiano Ronaldo\’s spiky hairstyle with an extra hair length on the top of the head is another unique hairstyle

Thick and curly hair texture is one of his choices in the past


The player possibly paid many attentions to his hair when he played for Manchester United


Real Madrid’s fans surely like this simply hairstyle of Ronaldo




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