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Bladder weakness or incontinency can be an embarrassing condition that tends to limit your activity and that’s bad enough, but if you toss in the issue of intimacy with a partner you have the makings for a very serious problem.

The situation is pretty obvious.  The person with incontinency may have real problems with the possibility of having an episode during an intimate moment and fears that not only will the accident be bad enough by itself but that his or her partner may think less of them.  As a result, the person with incontinence may avoid intimate situations which in turn may result in depression.

On the other end, the partner may wonder why there is no longer any interest in intimacy and make an incorrect assumption that the partner no longer finds him or her desirable.  This can of course lead to serious difficulties in the relationship.

The answer?  Talk it out.  Explain what the problem is and work together to find a manageable solution.  Often times this is the beginning of taking control of the condition.  Accepting the fact that incontinence is ruining one of the most important parts of a relationship is a powerful motivator to do something about it and typically leads to a trip to the doctor for therapy.

Bladder weakness and intimacy can be a very troubling combination that results in hurt feelings, frustration and a disintegration of the relationship, or it can be the impetus to finally take charge and do something about bladder weakness.

Many people still find bladder weakness difficult to talk about but there really is no reason to feel that way.  This condition affects millions of people worldwide and will become an even bigger issue as the world population grows older.  Simply visit your doctor and work with him to come up with a therapy that is best for you. has been providing discreet information and products on bladder weakness for over 40 years and is an authority in the field.  If you have any questions about this condition please visit our site at

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