Download STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI by Jason Fry

With the Star Wars Spinning Electronic Lightsaber, Padawan learners aged six years and up can recreate the spinning effect made famous by General Grievous. This adjustable saber features realistic sound effects and customizable play options that provide plenty of Jedi adventure for your child. Expect to hear cheers of delight mixed with dueling lightsaber sounds when this spinning, light-filled set makes its way into your home.

A Jedi-Style Light Show – this one certainly is. Its reasonably priced and fits the bill when the box comes to being just the right size for under the Christmas tree.

When your child presses the power button, the saber will flicker to life with either neon green or blue light. Just like the sabers in the Star Wars movies, the effect grabs your attention. If your child gives the saber a check-swing when its in collapsed mode, the saber telescopes and looks like its beam is energizing.

Action Sounds Galore

The sabers realistic sound effects add to the excitement. When switched on, the saber crackles and hums. When your child moves the saber, a sensor within the handle changes the pitch of the sound slightly up or down to match the movements. And when brought into contact with another object, the saber crackles loudly as if emitting an electric charge. The effect will put everyone within earshot squarely in Jedi mood.
Spinning Fun for One or Two

With an electronic hiss and a clicking sound, the sabers snap into a central hoop-like ratcheting mechanism known as a gyro-grip. Once in place, the sabers can be held and spun propeller-style, just the way General Grievous does in the movie.

When its time to disconnect one of the sabers, youll hear a clever sound effect, and then the saber will be ready again for traditional Jedi-fashion dueling. The second lightsaber can be shared with a friend to increase the action and double the fun.

Easy-to-Use, Durable Design
The hilts of the Spinning Electronic Lightsaber are made of hard plastic that can stand up to rough and tumble play, while the translucent telescoping saber blades are soft enough to land painless blows during full-contact interstellar duels.

Children six years and older will be able to link both sabers together and successfully imitate General Grievous spinning move. For some parents, the temptation to power up this toy will prove too great to resist.

Modeled after the lightsaber wielded by the General Grievous character, this lightsaber splits into two, giving you four different configuration possibilities. Create a double-bladed spinning lightsaber, two single lightsabers, a single spinning lightsaber and a single lightsaber or a double-bladed light saber all depending on what your battle requires. Press the buttons to ignite your lightsaber accessory and its glowing arc-wave energy blades.

Product Features:

* The power activation humming sound, battle-clash sounds and spinning and connection sounds all realistic
* When you extend your double lightsaber to over 4 long, youll definitely feel like youre really in the thick of battle
* Create 4 cominations of lightsabers: double-bladed spinning, 2 single, single spinning lightsaber with a single, double-bladed
* Lights and sounds add to the realistic action
* Double blade extends to over 4

If your not sure what to give your child for Christmas, why not consider getting them, what could well be a Top Ten Christmas Toy for 2010 “Star Wars Clone Wars Grievous Spinning Lightsaber

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